Grow Energy Efficiency Jobs: Pass the LEEP Act!

HB 2744, the Local Energy Efficiency Partnership (LEEP) Act has been introduced in the House, approved by one committee, and is headed to the House Finance Committee.

Energy efficiency is good for our economy by creating jobs, improving our buildings, and making it easier for our businesses and families to stay in West Virginia. Energy efficiency jobs pay for themselves through utility savings.

The LEEP Act is the top legislative priority for energy efficiency in the state. LEEP is a funding mechanism that empowers commercial building owners to make their buildings more efficient and pay for the upgrades on their tax ticket. The upgrades are funded by privately held bonds that are backed by the energy savings, so no county or state revenue is involved.

Contact Speaker Armstead, Majority Leader Cowles, Finance Chairman Nelson, and Finance Vice-Chair Householder now and urge their support for HB 2744!  Complete the form to the right and click "Start Writing" to email committee members.