Hands off our healthcare

The consequences of the American Health Care Act would be disastrous, and Americans know it. Of course the ACA had its problems and needed to be fixed, but this plan does none of that. It rips healthcare away from Americans to give huge tax breaks to the wealthy, which is about as cruel as it gets. This isn’t a healthcare plan—it’s a massive giveaway to insurance companies and those at the top, while it hits America’s families with a triple whammy of less coverage, higher costs and more taxes. This bill will potentially leave millions without coverage.

The fact that Republicans are now trying to ram something through, after keeping its details secret, makes it clear that they want to hide the details and cost from the American people. If something sounds too good to be true, it is. They know that if their real intent were exposed, Americans would soundly reject their efforts.

Why would Trump, Sen. Mitch McConnell and Rep. Paul Ryan push this agenda when it could harm so many?

Their endgame is clear: provide tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, at the expense of working families and the most vulnerable members of our communities. And while they’re handing unnecessary tax breaks to their wealthy friends, Trump, McConnell and Ryan want to increase your taxes by taxing good healthcare plans for middle-class Americans.

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