HB379/SB462: Tell Your State Legislators to Support Weatherization for Low Income Families

Weatherization WorksLow Income families spend 550% more as a percent of income on energy costs than other non-low income Marylanders. Substandard, energy inefficient housing is one important reason for that disparity. Maryland has successfully used the emPOWER program to bring greater energy efficiency for Maryland homes, but that program has not reached the low income families who need it most. Delegate Charkoudian (D-20) has introduced a bill (HB379/SB462) to fix that problem by specifically setting energy efficiency targets in the emPOWER program for low-income to be used only for low-income residential weatherization.

Please tell your Delegates and Senator to vote for HB379 and SB462 to help low-income Maryland families reduce their energy costs.

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