Help Maryland Library Workers Exercise Their Right to Unionize: Tell MD Senators to Pass H.B. 65

Maryland public library workers need your help.

Right now, public library workers in Maryland are unable to come together and form a union to have a voice in their workplace.

Public library workers are not only fellow citizens who deserve to exercise their federal right to unionize, they are dedicated public employees who want to make the library system better for everyone and strengthen our communities.

Prior to House Bill 65, before library workers in the state of Maryland can unionize, the Maryland General Assembly had to pass legislation for each individual county – a hindrance to their federal right to unionize.

After Baltimore County passed legislation that allowed for its public library workers to unionize, other counties’ library workers voiced their desire to do the same, emphasizing the need for this statewide measure.

Passing Maryland’s bipartisan House Bill 65 would institute a process to allow for union organizing by public library employees in all Maryland counties that haven’t already formed a union, giving Maryland’s public library employees the ability to have a voice at work and better support their communities.

Tell the Maryland Senators that public library workers’ right to unionize is important to you and the health of your community by sending this letter.