Help Us Expose Jidori's Humane Farce to Key Customers!

Jidori Chicken abuse

Jidori Chicken advertises as “The Kobe beef of poultry” and claims that "all animals, especially those raised for sustenance, should be treated with respect and raised cruelty free.“ Its chicken appears on high end restaurant menus for $40 to 60 a pop. But behind the scenes lurks some of the worst animal abuse and filthy conditions we've ever seen! We believe that Jidori owner Dennis Mao has marketed a humane farce and is violating California sanitary and animal cruelty statues.

Jidori customers include many of the leading restaurant and hotel brands. At this time we are targeting 5 key Jidori customers — SUR Restaurant (owned by celebrity Lisa Vanderpump), Wolfgang Puck, WYNN Resorts, Marriott and The Crack Shack — presenting to them the shocking footage we have obtained  covering a 3-year period and urging them to replace Jidori chicken with a plant-based chicken product.

Please help us send a strong message to these Jidori customers, letting them know you support Slaughter Free Network's campaign to expose the Jidori humane farce and switch to a plant based chicken product!

More details

Slaughter Free Network has evaluated and compiled key photographic evidence at Jidori's Mao Foods slaughterhouse. LA Animal Save activists have been conducting vigils there for the last 3 years every other week and producing extensive evidence of grossly unsanitary conditions and disturbing animal abuse which represents CDFA and CA Penal Code violations.

It appears that Dennis Mao is using standard breed chickens and sourcing them from factory chicken farms under conditions that are considered standard across the industry, so there is nothing special or unique about the product. Their customers and end customers are paying a premium with the expectation that they are supporting the highest animal welfare standards. In stark contrast, Mao markets his product as humane, sustainable and premium, commanding a high price. For this reason, we have urged the LA City Attorney and District Attorney to investigate for consumer fraud. In addition the same offices are responsible for enforcing the state’s animal cruelty penal code which we have also asked them to enforce to the fullest extent of the law in this case.

The conditions documented at Jidori’s Mao Foods slaughterhouse show a pattern of abusive and grossly unsanitary conditions, including animals:

  • dead and dying (presumably who died in transport) housed with live animals,

  • badly-injured with open, bleeding wounds, indicating very rough handling,

  • unable to stand, flapping their wings incessantly in an futile effort to stand,

  • covered in their own waste,

  • with head, legs or wings caught in caging, some dying from the struggle,

  • crammed into intensely-overcrowded crates, pressed up against the sides,

  • with dislocated or broken wings (again, evidence of very rough handling by catchers).

  • crates covered in encrusted feces.