URGENT Crisis in Honduras: Tell Your Senators to Cut US Security Aid NOW

We need your help to stop US security aid to Honduras, which is fueling state repression and violence!

After a presidential decree suspended constitutional rights in Honduras and imposed a curfew, following protests over the country's highly contested and very probably fraudulent presidential election, there have been widespread and ongoing reports of security forces using live ammunition and other effectively lethal force toward civilians during anti-fraud protests around the country, resulting in over 30 killings of protesters to date. Additionally, there have been numerous documented cases of forced disappearances, torture, illegal entry into neighborhoods and homes, kidnapping, and arbitrary detention involving state security forces.

Given this climate of intense repression in Honduras, we need you to encourage your senators to do all they can to withhold security aid from Honduras, as the House's Berta Cáceres Human Rights in Honduras Act (HR 1299) would do. Please use this form to write them urging them to do that!

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