House Bill 1310 - Pass Collaborative Practice Law for Washington PAs

Several barriers exist for Washington state residents' access to primary and specialty medical care. These barriers include socioeconomic inequality, increasing costs, and the distribution of healthcare resources.

Physician Assistants (PAs) are trained medical providers that diagnose illness, develop and manage medical treatment, perform procedures, and prescribe medications.

Current WA state laws governing PAs are outdated by restricting PA practice and placing unnecessary administrative burdens on PAs, physicians, and healthcare organizations. The proposed House Bill 1310 will replace the supervision model for PAs with a collaboration model where PAs can interact, consult, and/or refer to the appropriate member of a healthcare team. The proposed bill clarifies that PAs will have sole legal responsibility for the care they provide and will allow direct reimbursement for PA services.  

These changes will improve access to care by increasing PA jobs and retention in Washington State. By providing PA employers including community clinics, health centers, hospitals, health systems, and private practices with the flexibility to assemble healthcare teams as they see fit, we will be able to better meet patient needs. This bill will make it easier for PAs to work in WA and provide care for medically underserved communities.

Please support the PA collaboration bill sponsored by Rep. Marcus Riccelli by sending an email to your legislator urging them to contact members of the Health Care and Wellness committee to pass HB 1310.

Passing this bill will improve healthcare access and equity in Washington state.

Thank you for your support,

Washington Academy of PAs (WAPA)

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