Urge your Representative to vote YES on House Bill 111.


Right now, Pennsylvania is one of only six states still electing all judges through partisan elections. That means judicial candidates are chosen based on a mix of random ballot position, fundraising and campaigning.

House Bill 111 would put Pennsylvania on the path toward choosing appellate judges based on merit, rather than through partisan political elections.

Write your State Representative today and urge them to vote YES on House Bill 111.

We've seen how political campaign spending continues to climb. Spending in the 2015 judicial elections topped $16 million. Spending in the most recent primary elections alone has hit more than $4.75 million, to date.

Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts firmly believes that merit selection would give Pennsylvanian a thoughtful, comprehensive process to select competent jurists, and help lessen the influence of money in our judiciary.

Letter Campaign by
Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania