I support the Housing For All Campaign

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I’m writing in support of the Housing For All Coalition’s platform on the homelessness crisis.

To solve this crisis, Seattle needs far more housing that is affordable to the lowest-income households in our communities. I urge you and your colleagues to confront the huge gap between the need for such housing and the city’s current plans to create it.

Until there is enough affordable permanent housing, people need shelter and services that work for them. I urge the city to listen to homeless people, and fund shelter and services that address their needs for safety, stability and community. Don’t penalize service providers for not being able to move people into housing that doesn’t exist.

Finally, I urge you to change the city’s policies regarding unauthorized encampments and people living in vehicles. When there is not enough housing to offer to people, forcing them to move along is counterproductive. Please introduce policies that are non-punitive and allow people to stay in place as much as possible. Homeless people are our neighbors and should be treated as such.
Douglas Trumm
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