Partners in Jesuit Mission Call for an Immigrant Worker Relief Fund

Dear Friend,

This week members of Jesuit ministries across Washington State are coming together to call on the state of Washington to create a fund for undocumented immigrants impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite paying taxes and working in industries that are highly impacted by this crisis, our undocumented neighbors have been left out of the federal Covid-19 relief packages.  Sincere in our call to live a “faith that does justice” we are writing to invite you to act with us.

Will you join with other Ignatian community members by writing to your state legislators asking them to support immigrants?  

Use the form to identify your local legislators. Select Start Writing to send them a letter.

Leaders of Jesuit works and Jesuit communities are also coming together to advocate our legislature to stand with immigrants.  Click here to see a letter to Governor Inslee from Directors of Jesuit Works and Jesuit Communities in Washington calling for support for undocumented immigrants.  This joint letter, along with individual letters from people like you to your local legislators, sends a powerful message in Washington State: we are united in faith, standing with the marginalized and asking for urgent action.

Take action! Click Start Writing to send in your letter!  

As communities of faith, as partners with you in the protection and development of our common good, as women and men of compassion, we thank you for taking action today!


Jesuits West, and leaders of the Washington State Faith Doing Justice Discernment Group

For questions contact: Annie Fox, Jesuits West Provincial Assistant for Social Ministry Organizing

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For more information on the Faith Doing Justice Discernment process, click here.