Increase Special Education Services in Delaware

Dear Governor Carney,

I am writing to you today to express my support for House Bill 12, which extends critical funding to special education students in kindergarten through third grade.  

It is imperative that our youngest, most vulnerable students are given the resources they need from the time they begin school until graduation day.  

I personally see the importance of these services. Intervention programs help support children by enhancing how they learn and grow.

Studies have shown that children are less likely to transition out of special education after age 9, so having support in kindergarten through third grade is crucial. After third grade, less than 30 percent of students transition out.

There’s a greater likelihood of closing learning gaps the earlier a child receives intervention, education advocates say. Intervention and proper supports also could mitigate long-term costs.

We understand that Delaware faces budget issues, but we write with great urgency about this vital service for our state’s children.  This must be a priority in the budget this year. Our students cannot afford to be forgotten.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Letter Campaign by
Dover, Delaware