Internet Freedom

Act now! Tell Congress to keep the Internet free! Tell your Senators and Representative to cosponsor the Save The Internet Act!

Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) demands that the Congress reverse the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decision, and keep the Internet free by protecting Net Neutrality.

Common Dreams reports, “Verizon throttled, or slowed down, data speeds for the Santa Clara County fire department and suggested it should pay an extra fee for faster service—while fire fighters were battling some of California's biggest wildfires ever earlier this summer.”

This action “had a significant impact on our ability to provide emergency services,” according to fire chief Tony Bowden. It’s not just California. “Throttling [Internet] speeds can delay care and cost lives.” That’s the assessment of an EMT based in Little Rock, Arkansas. Big Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will continue to risk all of our lives and safety to increase their already bloated bottom lines. Unless Congress acts, the situation will only get worse.

The highly respected independent publication Consumer Reports announced that a “survey shows that a majority of Americans favor net neutrality rules that prevent internet service providers (ISPs) from blocking lawful online content.” Congress will have the final say over this policy.

As Consumer Reports explained, the “FCC, now headed by Chairman Ajit Pai, proposed undoing the classification of internet providers as ‘common carriers’ under Title II of the Communications Act. That would strip the FCC of the authority to keep ISPs from blocking, throttling, or entering paid prioritization deals for content.”

The FCC ignored millions of public comments that demanded they maintain Net Neutrality rules—regulations that guarantee fair and equal access for all internet traffic. By a narrow 3 to 2 vote last December, the FCC removed these Internet consumer protections. Now ISPs are slowing down or “throttling” web traffic, risking public safety and lives. Unless Congress acts they will continue doing this to demand higher fees for higher speeds, to block access to unfavorable content, or for any reason at all.

We demand that Congress protect Internet freedom. If you agree, tell your elected officials to support Net Neutrality. Tell your Senators and your Representative to protect our online freedom by cosponsoring the Save The Internet Act.