Tell Comcast CEO Brian Roberts: Invest in quality free internet access for families in need, not the police.


In coronavirus times, “back to school” is a joke unless every single child gets high speed, affordable or free, online access. In Philadelphia, and in dozens of cities nationwide, Comcast is the monopoly internet provider - and the barrier keeping our kids from the high speed, quality internet they need to get their education in COVID times.

Internet access is essential. And the digital divide has become a crisis. In times like these, the internet is the only way to stay connected and meaningfully participate in society. Work, school, and even doctor visits are happening online. Everyone deserves access to the internet, no matter what their income is. Comcast says they’re giving temporary free access to “Internet Essentials,” a promotion program. But it is so hard to access to it that Philly’s school district lost over 1000 kids this spring that couldn’t get online. Not to mention, the connection speeds and quality are so low, it is essentially useless.

While Comcast refuses to invest in the needs of the communities whose backs they thrive on, they’re spending thousands donating to the Philadelphia Police Federation, a foundation that gives the police department money to buy military equipment. Comcast cares a lot about maintaining a corporate image that says “Black Lives Matter.” But if Black lives truly mattered to Comcast, the first thing it would do is make sure that thousands aren’t shut out of the internet, in a crisis, because they can’t afford it.

Comcast has all the resources to meet the needs of families held back by the digital divide. But for some reason, Comcast isn’t feeling the pressure and it’s up to us to band together and make sure Comcast feels the heat from Philadelphians.

Will you send a letter to Comcast CEO demanding free internet access for all students and families who need it?

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