Invest in Alaska Students!

Tell your Legislators to Increase the BSA by $100

Our neighborhood schools are facing the fourth straight year of flat funding from the Alaska State Legislature. This means our students have fewer opportunities, our educators have fewer resources, and our schools are forced to eliminate important positions that support a robust and exciting learning environment.

Legislators are currently considering a small increase to the public education budget of $100 per student to protect our schools from devastating cuts. As the end of the 90 day legislative session approaches it is vital that we write our legislators and ask them to invest in public education and protect our public schools.

Hearing directly from constituents is the most powerful way to push this issue across the finish line. Please take a few minutes to write your legislators and let them know that another year of flat funding is unacceptable. Alaska students are counting on us to make a difference.

**Only individuals with Alaska addresses can take action**

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