Support Communities & Say No to Longer Sentences

We need your help! Illinois lawmakers are considering a number of bills that would lead to longer sentences, new mandatory minimums, and additional penalties. Please join us in opposing these bills, including HB 4385, HB 5058, HB 5099, HB 1091, and HR 598. The last measure, House Resolution 598, urges repeal of the entire SAFE-T Act. More bills could be filed before April 8, when the Legislature adjourns for the spring.

None of these bills will make our communities safer. Longer sentences and more punishments are distractions from actual efforts to make people safer.

Follow the steps of this prompt and ask your legislators to vote no on any bills that lead to longer sentences, new mandatory minimums, or harsher treatment of children. Instead, ask them to invest in communities. We have provided you with language for the letter, but please customize the form to add why this is important to you and your community, if possible.
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