It’s all hands in! Email your legislator to support nail salon workers

We love getting our nails done, we love our nail salons, and we love our nail salon workers! That's why we're supporting the Nail Salon Minimum Standards Council Act (S1800/A378) — better standards for nail salons for employers, workers, and customers!

Nail technicians, despite their extensive training, experience harrowing conditions on the job: widespread wage theft, unpredictable schedules, lack of benefits, and exposure to toxic chemicals that are linked to serious illness and health risks. Nail salon workers are risking their lives to barely earn a minimum wage.

Nail salon workers are organizing for solutions — they are advocating for a bill, the Nail Salon Minimum Standards Council, in the state legislature proposing a council to bring together workers, employers, and the state to co-create ways to bring industry-wide change.

Nail salons are an instrumental part of our neighborhoods and our communities. In New York alone, there are an estimated 4,000 salons in every corner of the state, and tens of thousands of nail technicians. They are women of color, immigrants, mothers, daughters, your neighbors, and caretakers. And they are speaking up.

But we can’t do this alone. Customers like you have an equally important role in bringing change to the industry, and that’s why we ask you to send an email to your NY state legislator, to show love for the courageous individuals who take care of you in the salon.

It’s all hands in: together, there is a possibility that will make the nail salon industry a different kind: one that centers on health, dignity, and justice for all!

Send a letter to your reps supporting the Nail Salon Minimum Standards Act!

Be a part of the change, join our movement and spread the love.



The New York Healthy Nail Salons Coalition (“NYHNSC”) is a coalition created in 2014 to transform the New York nail salon industry into healthy and just workplaces. Since its founding, the coalition has won the Nail Salon Workers’ Bill of Rights in 2015, and successfully advocated to eliminate the tipped subminimum wage for nail salon workers in 2019.