It's none of your business: Tell Legislators to Support the Massachusetts Data Privacy Act

Recent media reports show cell phone location data is actively being collected on an enormous scale and anti-choice advocates are using it right here in Massachusetts to influence a person’s ability to seek abortion care.

These reports come after investigations showed large data brokers have tracked people visiting over 600 Planned Parenthood locations and then provided the related data to an anti-abortion ad campaign. The Planned Parenthood locations were in 48 different states, including Massachusetts.

As a result, we have to act quickly to ensure the state legislature bans the sale of cell phone location data for anyone in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. They can do that by passing legislation commonly known as the Massachusetts Data Privacy Act.

  • Massachusetts Data Privacy Act: This legislation prohibits the sale of precise geolocation data, preventing anyone with a credit card from being able to track abortion seekers, children, and others who need location privacy to stay safe. It also addresses gaps in protections for data concerning an individual's reproductive health, use or purchase of contraceptives, and birth control. Protecting this data when it is held by internet companies rather than entities governed by federal health privacy laws is necessary to ensure adequate safeguards against misuse or exploitation.

We already know data brokers are using location data to target those seeking reproductive healthcare here in Massachusetts, so we have to act quickly to make sure this information is no longer for sale. And this doesn’t stop at reproductive rights either as there’s a real possibility that similar efforts could be made to target people visiting gathering spots popular with the LGBTQ community, specific places of worship, or any other location in Massachusetts.

This form will allow you to contact your state legislators and encourage them to support the Massachusetts Data Privacy Act.

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