It's time for the General Assembly to pass some much needed campaign finance bills. Join us and raise your voice📣.

Please take a few minutes to advocate for campaign finance bills in our General Assembly in Virginia: Send a letter to key legislators who are reviewing legislation in committee.

Virginia needs comprehensive campaign finance reform. Our campaign finance laws among the weakest in the country and now is the time to ask key legislators to get common sense bills out of committee and onto the floor for a general vote!

Our committees are starting delibertation on legislation next week. Send a quick letter to members of the Privileges and Elections committee, the commitee in the House and the Senate which reviews campaign finance bills. Let's get those bills out of committee and into law.

Why is this letter-writing platform important? Your elected officials might not listen to just one or two of us alone, but together we are stronger. Our 💰MoneyOut💲 group will be using these letters for lobbying and not share your information.

Fill in your information on the right side of the screen, a sample letter will be provided. Your legislators will be listed. You can use the pre-drafted message or write your own! It's easy and quick. You can also share this action with friends and neighbors to have more impact.

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