It's time for the PA legislature to stop cyber charter schools from playing games with tax dollars.

Education Voters of PA has obtained official emails and blank reimbursement forms along with screen shots from a Commonwealth Charter Academy Facebook page that reveal during the 2021-2022 school year, CCA, Pennsylvania’s largest cyber charter school with an enrollment of nearly 20,000 students, is using tax dollars to:

Facebook posts in a CCA parent page show families discussing spending tax dollars provided by CCA to purchase meals and games Dave and Busters arcade, attend a Motley Crue concert, take a trip to Austria, buy Eagles ticket, take family vacations to Universal Studios and Disne, and pay for scuba, ski, and horseback riding lessons.

Tell your state lawmakers that it is unacceptable that while school districts are starving and property tax increases are squeezing home and business owners, cyber charter schools are so awash in excess tax money that they are using property tax dollars to pay for students’ private activities and trips and giving cash payments to families.

Because the legislature hasn’t required audits or reined in these excessive expenditures for so long, state lawmakers need to approve the full proposed $1.75 billion increase in state funding for public schools this year to give school districts and taxpayers immediate relief. Moving forward they need to enact long-term fixes to these problems.  

Please send a letter to your state lawmakers now!

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