It's Time to Build Economic Justice in Oregon

It's Time to Build Economic Justice in Oregon

All Oregonians deserve to live in dignity. Everyone who calls Oregon home — Black, brown, and white; rural and urban; immigrant and Indigenous; people of any gender identity or ability — should enjoy economic security and the ability to flourish.

Yet, economic injustice is widespread. More than half of jobs pay too little to adequately support a family, leaving many Oregonians struggling to afford their next meal, stable housing, and quality childcare.

Tell lawmakers today to build economic justice in Oregon by supporting our Action Plan for the People.

A better future is possible. Working together, the people can overcome this injustice.

Lawmakers in Oregon can support policy reforms in three areas that, when enacted, will lead to a more equitable and prosperous state:

  • Raise Oregonians’ incomes: Having enough income enables us to have a home, food, and the other essentials of a life with dignity. Lawmakers should raise Oregonians’ incomes by establishing a Guaranteed Income program, making the minimum wage a livable wage, and other key reforms.
  • Boost worker power: History shows that worker power is essential to an economy where everyone can live in dignity and has an opportunity to thrive. We can build a more economically just Oregon by extending the right to organize to workers who cannot currently do so under the law, by giving the community a role in enforcing employment laws, and by enacting other key reforms.
  • Advance tax justice: Oregon needs a tax system that asks proportionately more of the rich than of those with lower incomes, raises sufficient revenue to meet the needs and aspirations of Oregonians, and reduces economic disparities that are the product of our nation’s history of racial and gender exclusion and oppression. This Action Plan moves Oregon toward a progressive, adequate, and equitable tax system by making Oregon’s “kicker” work for all Oregonians, raising taxes on the rich and corporations, and other key reforms.

Tell your lawmakers to build an economy that works for all of us.