Its Time to Confirm Gigi Sohn to the FCC

What should be a routine appointment to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has become a partisan battleground. President Biden nominated Gigi Sohn to be the FCC's fifth commissioner in October 2021. Her confirmation has been stalled for almost two years by a smear campaign fueled by partisan sympathies, funded by telecom monopolies, and backed by the surveillance state. The attacks leveled against Sohn are discriminatory and homophobic, and rarely engage with her qualifications.

The FCC's deadlock on key issues, like net neutrality, is failing the American public. A Senate panel will consider Sohn's nomination on February 14th. Its time to consider Sohn's nomination on its merits:

It is clear that Sohn is qualified for the job. The FCC has clear authority to restrict the abusive data practices Big Tech and telecom giants continue to use. Sohn is openly opposed to these mass surveillance dragnets that harm the American public.

It's time we push our Senators to vote for her confirmation. Only then will we see the FCC pursue a Fourth Amendment and privacy based agenda.

We need you to fight for a functioning FCC. Can you email your Senators to tell them to vote for Sohn's confirmation?

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