It's time to Stop For Pedestrians - Support HB 443 in the Texas House

Texas is one of the most dangerous states for pedestrians, ranked 8th most dangerous in the 2019 Dangerous by Design report by Smart Growth America, moving up a place in the wrong direction since the previous 2016 report.

In terms of total  number of pedestrian deaths, Texas saw the third largest amount of people dying while walking between 2005 and 2014, behind only California and Florida.

Please ask your State Representative to support HB 443, the Stop for Pedestrians bill.

In 2017, 614 people died while pedestrians in Texas and 1,144 people suffered suspected serious injuries as pedestrians according to TXDOT. Every day about five pedestrians suffer death or serious injury somewhere in Texas. Along with broader safety measures, the legislature must do something specifically to protect all of use when we are pedestrians.

Every kid in Texas deserves to grow up with the liberty of walking or rolling their wheelchair without risking their own death. Every student or teacher deserves reasonably safe accommodation for using crosswalks. Families deserve the closure of clearer legal outcomes to crashes involving pedestrians.

A simple step forward that was recently done in Illinois is to switch from a “yield to” to a “stop for” pedestrians state. Not only will this change save lives across the state by establishing responsible behavior for vehicle operators, it will provide a cleaner legal framework for police, courts, and the families of victims.

Please ask your State Representative to support HB 443, as it's time for Texas drivers to "STOP FOR" pedestrians to make our streets and roads safer for our children, families, and everyone crossing the street.

HB 443 is scheduled for a vote on the Texas House floor as early as Wednesday, May 12th
please take action TODAY!

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