Join us in calling for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Israel and Palestine!

IPJC joins Pax Christi and St. Joe’s Catholic Parish to remember the crucifixion of Jesus and it’s intimate and direct connections to the ongoing genocide of Palestinians and acts of terrorism committed by Hamas. This horrific moment in history is a re-crucifixion of Jesus, a marginal Palestinian Jew.

We echo the words of women religious and the bishops of the Northwest in their Ash Wednesday statement: “Peace is needed now. Accountability rather than retribution is needed now. Language that speaks of peace and reconciliation without words of violence and vengeance is needed now.”

We believe the following actions/positions should be taken immediately by the U.S. government amidst its continued apathy and neutrality which is perpetuating this painful time:

1.     Immediate, and permanent bilateral ceasefire.
2.     Stop funding the Israel military.
3.     Release of all hostages and Palestinian prisoners held without due process.
4.     Robust humanitarian assistance, including funding the UN agency supporting Palestinian refugees (UNRWA)
5.     Ending the siege on Gaza and end the occupation.
6.     Developing a political process to address root causes, accountability of harm, and a lasting just peace

We feel these actions are first and vital steps in charting a pathway of peace and justice.

We implore all elected leaders to use their influence, political power, and moral authority to work for lasting peace that honors the humanity of Jews and Palestinians! We remember, today especially, that Jesus was a Palestinian Jew and the same culture of violence, hate, and ongoing genocide that we are witnessing today is what lead to his crucifixion.

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