Write to the Ohio Parole Board: Justice 4 Apanovitch!

Mr. Apanovitch was sentenced to death in 1984 for a crime he did not commit.

In early 2015, the court ruled that the “uncontroverted” and “unequivocal” evidence, including the newly discovered DNA evidence, indisputably proved that Mr. Apanovitch did not rape--and therefore could not have murdered-- Ms. Flynn.  The court vacated Tony’s conviction and death sentence and released him from prison. Tony lived in the community as a free person.

Due to a bizarre, legal loophole, Mr. Apanovitch was put back on death row by the Ohio Supreme Court despite being released for over two years.

One of Tony's last chances at justice is the clemency process. Because the courts have declined to look at the merits of this case, we are asking that members of the Ohio Parole Board do their best to right this wrong by viewing Tony’s application, schedule a hearing and to grant clemency for time served.

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