Keep Schools Safer for Everyone

As concerned parents, teachers, and community members in Southwest Florida, we are demanding that the Collier County School Board follows the example set by Lee county school board and require that face masks be worn inside Collier County Schools in accordance with CDC’s COVID-19 guidelines, federal disability laws, and the Florida Constitution. It is their duty to provide a safe and effective learning environment for ALL of the children in Collier county.

By not requiring masks for all students, teachers, and administrators, school districts are not protecting the most vulnerable students with disabilities and other complex medical needs, which violates the ADA, IDEA, and Section 504. This opens the school district up to significant legal liability.

On Friday, August 6, fifteen students and their parents sued in federal court for these exact reasons. Moreover, Article IX, Sec. 1(a) of the Florida Constitution requires that schools are safe. Without masks, our schools are not safe. Again, this exposes the school board to liability. As taxpayers, we do not want our precious public dollars wasted on litigation that could easily be avoided. We hope that Lee and Collier County Schools can avoid lawsuits, especially ones like the one the law firm in St. Petersburg will be filing.

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