Let PA schoolchildren have their day in court

Five months ago the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that the courts can get involved in school funding issues and remanded PA’s school funding lawsuit back to Commonwealth Court for a full trial.

Ever since that decision, Republican leaders in Harrisburg have worked to slow the case down.

On Wednesday, March 7, the PA Commonwealth Court will hear oral argument on preliminary objections and a motion to dismiss the lawsuit made by Representative Turzai and Senator Scarnati.

Rep.Turzai is arguing that education is not an important right under the Pennsylvania Constitution and Sen. Scarnati is arguing that the new education formula has solved the funding problem, even though it applies to only two percent of all school funding.

Send a letter to your state lawmakers and help get this case moving forward by demonstrating that Pennsylvanians care about adequate, equitable, and constitutional funding for schools .  Ask your state lawmakers to urge Rep. Turzai and Sen. Scarnati to abandon their baseless claims and allow the case to go to trial.

A child is in each grade once. She can never get back that lost time. State lawmakers must allow PA's public schoolchildren to have their day in court.

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