Let Us Live: Protect People with Disabilities and Seniors Now

People with disabilities (PWDs), seniors and frontline caregivers are getting sick and dying from COVID.

About 44% of all Illinois COVID deaths have been in various types of congregate nursing facilities. Take action now to save lives.

Enclosed, congregate living facilities - whether detention centers, nursing facilities, or prisons - are petri dishes for spread of COVID. (There are multiple classifications of facility generally called 'nursing homes')

Social distancing is not possible inside such facilities, and strict lockdowns, prohibitions on going outside, and isolation are harmful to mental health .  These facilities also lack personal protective equipment (PPE), safety procedures are often not followed, and ombudsmen are prevented from inspecting, leaving residents and workers at the mercy of facility owners (mostly for-profit). In some cases, neither family members nor other residents are alerted to COVID cases.

Making things worse, court-ordered programs for transitioning residents into safer independent living have been largely stalled - the exact opposite of what's needed. Insurance companies are actually making it easier for hospitals to send recovering persons to a facility instead of their own home.

At the same time, People With Disabilities and seniors that are not in facilities also lack protective gear. So do home caregivers. Consumers are often isolated, without communications technology, or access to food, medicine, and personal goods.  

Governor Pritzker has used his emergency powers to take numerous difficult but necessary steps.  

There is much more that is needed for People With Disabilities, seniors and caregivers to be safe.  

Send your letter today!  You can send the draft language or put it in your own words.

(for more on Chicago ADAPT's broader demands in the crisis, click here.)

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