Let's Secure a Clean Energy Economy

Secure a Clean Energy Economy

In American economics, the tax code has the power to shape markets. For too long it has been used to reward fossil fuel companies, but it could just as readily be put to use incentivizing the rapid growth of a clean energy economy that is rich in good-paying jobs and which drastically reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

That’s exactly what the Clean Energy for America Act sets out to do, by streamlining the tax code so that companies, investors, and consumers all have consistent incentives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and secure a 21st century clean energy economy.

The bill creates a straightforward set of tax credits for manufacturers who use renewable energy, for investors who invest in it, and for consumers who purchase electric vehicles made in US facilities where workers are represented by a labor union.

S. 1298 is a powerful bill that would drive major emissions reductions, but Congress must hear from constituents who support smart efforts like this one to address climate change and support a clean energy transition.

Tell your Representative: We need the Clean Energy for America Act.

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