Let's Stop SB 7 in the House!

The State Senate barely passed SB 7! Let's Stop it in the State House of Representatives!

Write your State Representative and tell them to support public education by opposing SB 7!

Since the landmark education reforms of KERA in 1990, Site Based Decision Making Councils (SBDM), have been a recognized national model to engage stakeholders (parents, educators, and administrators) in local control of school governance. Senate Bill 7 creates fewer opportunities for input from educators and creates new and unnecessary levels of red-tape that will hinder needed progress and autonomy in our schools.

Senate Bill 7:

·         Removes an educator position from the SBDM council.

·         Allows an educator to be transferred while serving on the school council

·         Removes authority of the SBDM council to select principals

·         Eliminates council autonomy to make hiring decisions

·         Diminishes the authority and voice of the local council

If enacted, Senate Bill 7 will diminish the input of key stakeholders in the governance of their schools. Educating children is the business of the entire community and the legislature should not enact any measures that limit opportunities for parents and educators to be meaningfully involved in that important work.

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