Letter to Canadian government: Jerusalem

Take 1 minute to write to the Canadian members of parliament, and Canadian Ambassador to the UN Bob Rae

Let them know that you are concerned and call on the government of Canada to insist Israel stop its eviction of the Palestinian families in Sheik Jarrah, and its carrying out of the announced land settlement of title and registration policy in occupied East Jerusalem which will result in the permanent appropriation of Palestinian land by the State of Israel in flagrant violation of international law; and

Tell Canada it is time to take diplomatic and economic steps to stop Israel’s violations of international law. This includes Israel's continued building of settlements and forced displacement in the West Bank including occupied Jerusalem, as well as Israel’s blockade of Gaza.

Also, you can join the Civic Society Webinar

On Sunday, December 6, a panel will consider the threats to Al-Quds/East Jerusalem. Joining the panel will be Zakaria Odeh, executive director of the Civic Coalition for Palestinian Rights in Jerusalem, Jonathan Kuttab, founder of Al-Haq, recognized international human rights lawyer, Dr. Yousef Al Natshi, director of the prestigious Department of Tourism and Archaeology at the al-Haram al-Sharif in Jerusalem and Azeezah Kanji, legal academic and journalist. The panel will provide information on what is happening in Al-Quds and discuss what the international community including Canadians can do in this regard.

You can learn more, and register for the webinar.


Last week, Haaretz reported that eighty-seven Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem are expected to be evicted from their homes following three Israeli court decisions in favour of Israeli settlers. This involves the eviction of Palestinians from property that they owned prior to the 1948 Partition Plan. As often is the case, the Absentees’ Property Law is used by Israel to justify the removal of property rights.

The settlers won other victories recently in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. Earlier in the fall, the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court ruled in favor of settlers, ordering the eviction of four Palestinian families, and requiring them to pay 260,000 shekels in court costs along with the settler’s attorney’s fees.

Evictions and home demolitions are made even more terrifying during this time when COVID-19 leaves people even more vulnerable.

These evictions are all part of a bigger picture of planned demographic change in Jerusalem.

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