Involve your U.S. Senators and Representatives

End Period Poverty in Schools!

PERIOD has already delivered over 44,000 signatures to the Department of Education, demanding an end to Period Poverty in Schools -- and now we’re taking our advocacy on this to the next level. Lack of menstrual products can create a discriminatory barrier to education and cause students to miss class.  Our next step to get closer to providing period products in all school restrooms is measuring the magnitude of this need -- we need the Department of Education to commission a study on the effects of period poverty in schools. We are calling on all US Senators and Representatives to sign this letter to Secretary Betsy DeVos at the Department of Education and asking them to provide funding!

Throughout this Women’s History Month, we’ll be working with chapters from all around the US to collect these signatures. Use this platform (click START WRITING) to easily send the letter to your US Senators and Representatives, and then meet with them in person (or meet with their staff). If you’re able to get written or email confirmation that they are willing to sign the letter, just forward that confirmation over to so we can track and include it on the official letter. The text of the letter is below, and you can also find the document here on Google Docs.

We want to send as many letter as possible (in addition to confirming signatures), so please share this link around (with your emailing list/on social media) and encourage all your friends to participate! Learn more about how to get involved at