Letter to Sonoma County Board of Supervisors 2022

Urge the Sonoma County Supervisors to take action to address the climate emergency, protect frontline communities and ensure a just transition for our workers and the economy. Sign this letter to ask them to:

Support Bicycle Networks: It is time for us to have a complete, safe and low stress bicycle network connecting all neighborhoods in the county.

Provide Equitable Transit: Allocate $6 million of general funds to Sonoma County Transit for the 2022/2023 budget. (23%) These funds should be used for:

  • Increased bus service hours;

  • Increased bus frequency;

  • Fare-free bus access for youth and beyond.

Protect farmworkers by including these basic health and safety measures, from the 5 for Farmworkers in Fires campaign in a formal policy by June 1, 2022:

  1. LANGUAGE JUSTICE: All safety and evacuation training must be provided in workers’ preferred languages, especially during wildfire season.

  2. HAZARD PAY: When workers put their bodies on the lines in dangerous or unhealthy working conditions, such as in evacuation zones, they deserve to be properly compensated.

DISASTER INSURANCE: Workers deserve a fair choice. No one deserves to be punished or risk losing income if they do not want to risk their lives. That choice is only possible if paid time off is given as an option to workers instead of going into evacuation zones.


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Oakland, California