Letter to United Nations Ambassadors urging member states to vote no to Canada's bid for United Nations Security Council

Take 2 minutes to let all United Nation Ambassadors know you join with civil society from around the world in criticizing Canada's anti-Palestinian record, and urge them to vote no to Canada in the upcoming bid for the 'Western Europe and Others' seat on the UN Security Council.

An open letter signed by more than a hundred organizations and dozens of prominent individuals was delivered to all UN ambassadors asking them to choose Ireland and Norway instead of Canada for the two available seats.

The letter criticizing Canada's anti-Palestinian record, has been endorsed by more than a hundred organizations, including Sabeel Jerusalem, Kairos Palestine, American Muslims for Palestine, CUPW, Canadian Arab Federation, Independent Jewish Voices. Over 300 academics, artists and activists - including Ken Loach, Bruce Cockburn, Roger Waters, Naim Ateek, Noam Chomsky, Richard Falk, John Dugard, Ruba Ghazal  - have also backed the appeal that argues Canada has isolated itself against the world on Palestinian rights at the UN.

Since 2000 Canada has voted against 166 UN General Assembly resolutions critical of Israel's treatment of Palestinians. Ireland and Norway haven't voted against a single one of these resolutions. Additionally, Ireland and Norway have voted yes 251 and 249 times respectively on resolutions related to Palestinian rights during this period. Canada has managed 87 yes votes, but only two since 2010.



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