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ALL: Sign a petition that originally was signed by  prominent artists, academics and activists that points out not only Canada's dismal record on Palestine, but on indigenous rights, mining, fossil fuels, Haiti, Venezuela, arms trade and nuclear arms prohibition.

Canadian residents and citizens: sign formal petition to the Canadian government.

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Action you can take:

If you have a couple of minutes you can join in additional campaigns.

Send letter to all UN Ambassadors regrading Canada's foreign policy

Send letter to UN Ambassadors for African member states

Send letter to all UN for Ambassadors for the Caribbean member states

Sign a petition along side thousands of people including prominent artists, academics and activists that points out how the Trudeau government has been offside with most UN member states on a host of issues. The open letter argues Canada does not deserve a Security Council seat due to its poor foreign policy record and criticizes Canadian militarism, support for controversial mining companies, anti-Palestinian positions and climate policies.


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