Long Covid research funding in the FY25 budget

Long Covid Moonshot Appropriations FY2025 Campaign - EXTENDED May 10

The Senate and House will soon be holding hearings and drafting appropriations bills that will determine how money is spent in the next fiscal year.

Congress needs to continue to hear from us to make sure that Long Covid research funding is included in the FY25 budget!

°THE LETTER etended UNTIL MAY 10 Extended through May 10! We're asking Senators to endorse the letter from Senators Markey, Kaine, and Duckworth, requesting the following in Long Covid research funding: • At least $1b/year in Long Covid research funding to the NIH Office of the Director - $200m to ARPA-H for

You can increase your impact by sharing your story! Personalize your message to let your Senators know how Long Covid has affected your life or the lives of people around you. A personal story from a constituent is an important opportunity to influence our legislators!

Enter your address in the form to find your Senators and send them a message.

We are asking our Senators to support a variety of funding streams for Long Covid research, including:

  • At least $1b in Long Covid research funding to the NIH Office of the Director
  • $200m to ARPA-H for “high risk, high reward” Long Covid research
  • $20m to fund the Office of Long Covid Research & Practice
  • $13.5m to the AHRQ to continue its dissemination of best practices in Long Covid care.

We are grateful to have Senators Markey, Kaine and Duckworth championing a letter to the Appropriations committee making these requests! Through May 10, we will ask our Senators to join this letter.

After May 10, Senators still have time to make their own requests to the Appropriations Committee, so we’ll continue to let them know we need their help through May 14!

Our letter template also includes a request to hold the NIH accountable by requiring it to report on Long Covid research activities, and asks that Long Covid be added to the list of diseases that are studied as part of the Department of Defense’s Peer Reviewed Medical Research Program.

Our template is just a suggestion; please feel free to edit and personalize the letter as much as you can!

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