Tell elected reps: Maintain healthcare coverage , we need robust public health infrastructure.

3,452 deaths in the US alone from COVID in one week is an emergency.

More than 23 million suffering from Long COVID is an emergency.

So is up to 45% of COVID cases – including in children – leading to lingering symptoms. Pediatric hospitals overwhelmed by RSV, Flu and COVID is an emergency.

Rationing healthcare capacity – invoking crisis standards of care – three years into a pandemic, instead of creating a robust public health infrastructure?

President Biden and Members of Congress, our Elected Representatives,

Three years into the COVID-19 pandemic, we need you to treat the pandemic like the ongoing public health emergency it is. We need you to embrace a comprehensive approach to public health based on layers of protection and public policies aimed at protecting the most vulnerable people among us. We need you to make the following things happen:

  • Preserve healthcare access for all. This means maintaining the State of Emergency
  • Renew Congressional funding for the pandemic response
  • Make public health policies including masking based on the CDC’s Community Transmission Map, and retire the misleading Community Levels Map
  • Support and promote a layered approach to the pandemic including:
    • Free, fast accessible PCR testing for all
    • Free access to N-95 grade masks for all
    • Free access to updated treatments for all
    • Booster access for all
    • Funding for accelerated next generation and nasal vaccines
    • Paid sick leave
    • Clear and science-based quarantine and isolation policies
    • Funding for air ventilation and filtration upgrades in all public buildings
    • Funding for Long COVID treatments, and research led by Long COVID patients
More than COVID 250,000 deaths in 2022 – the third year of the pandemic – is an emergency. We have the tools to prevent more unnecessary severe and chronic illness and death. In 2023, let’s use them.
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