Make Clean Geothermal Heating and Cooling More Affordable!

At NY-GEO, we are advocating for clean heating and cooling to be accessible to all New York State residents. Heating and cooling using fossil fuels accounts for over 30% of our greenhouse gas emissions. To help New Yorkers transition to carbon-free geothermal heating and cooling, in 2022, the Legislature and Governor instituted a 25% state income tax credit capped at $5,000. We're advocating for the passage of the recently introduced bill S8106/A8588 that will double the existing tax credit to $10,000. This increase isn't just about keeping pace with inflation; it also aligns with our commitment to promote fossil-free technologies, similar to the incentives for solar energy. In addition, this bill makes the tax credit refundable, so lower income New Yorkers, including many seniors who have lower state tax liability, can take advantage of the credits.  

Make your voice heard

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Together we can make our New York State buildings more comfortable, healthy and affordable!!!