Make Hopkins safe for walking and biking: Support near-term option 1!

Schematic of Hopkins St near-term option 1 showing protected protected bike lanes from Gilman to Sutter
City of Berkeley

The City of Berkeley is conducting a traffic and placemaking study for Hopkins Street (from Gilman to Sutter). Key goals include improving the safety of people walking and biking. The study will lead to design changes that the City will make when the street is repaved in 2023. At the 3rd community workshop on October 28, staff presented two near-term options for the corridor.

  • Option 1 adds protected bike lanes while ensuring adequate car parking.

  • Option 2 preserves all car parking rather than adding bike lanes.

Both options include pedestrian safety improvements.

Option 1 is the right choice! In fact, it’s the only choice if our city is serious about fighting climate change and eliminating serious and fatal traffic collisions. But, unfortunately, many neighbors and some merchants are objecting to adding bike lanes.

So, please raise your voice! We need you to let City staff and Council know that there is strong support for option 1 and making Hopkins street safe for people walking and biking. Remind City leaders that walkable and bikeable streets are good for the climate, good for business, and good for getting our kids to schools, parks and libraries safely. Sign on! It should only take a minute or two of your time.


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