How You Can Help Bring Tip Transparency Back!

Rideshare and delivery companies want the benefits of using independent contractors, but they don't honor the obligations that come with that.

As an independent contractor;

  • You are in charge of your work
  • You should have a say in the system.
  • Your time is valuable.
  • You should own your data.

Change is possible, but we need your help!

We ask you to please reach out to your local representative to demand they change the labor laws and ensure you have the following rights:

  1. Right to transparency (including full-pay information)

  2. Right to choose when and how you work

  3. Right to opportunity

  4. Right to a safe work environment

  5. Right to access and share access to your data AND data privacy

  6. Right to due process

  7. Right to a voice and a say in the system.

  8. Right to make a living wage.

(For a full overview of these rights and why we think they are important please visit:

We’ve taken the liberty of writing a letter for you to send to your local representative.

The letter explains the rights we are fighting for and demands they change the laws in their jurisdiction to enact that change. Please read and see what you think. (You can also write your own letter if you’d prefer). Enter in your contact information and we will send this letter to your local representative on your behalf.

Please let us know if you hear back from your representative. We’d love to get involved in that conversation!

Thank you for your support. Together, we will see the change needed to ensure your rights as an independent contractor.

Your colleagues in the fight,

The Drivers’ Rights Movement