Make Sure Nickelsville's Next Site Has Enough Usable Space


In two months the Nickelsville Sanctioned Encampment in Ballard, on NW Market Street, must move. City Government is responsible for finding the new site. So far no site has been offered!

In June Nickelodeons were shown four potential sites and asked which we liked. We informed the city of our choices on July 5 th , 2017. Not until September 7 th did City Officials tell us directly that neither site was being offered – even though both could still work. Instead we were asked to consider a new site.

The new lot is 8,000 square feet and has serious access issues. Our present lot on Market Street is 9,400 feet. It’s already the smallest of the 5 City Sanctioned encampments, with the smallest population (usually around 22.) To make it any smaller will change operations and prevent us from keeping the present community together.

So far City folks disagree. They say that after the person now living on the 8,000 sq. ft. property exits, it’s dilapidated house torn down, the blackberry bushes and tree removed, and everything gets leveled with gravel, all 8,000 sq. ft. should be usable and it will be as good as what we have now.
While it’s true that, due to Land Use Code decisions, a small part of the present site can’t be used for Tiny Houses or Tents (instead it’s used for a portable garden and construction) the present site still has more usable space than the lot under consideration. What’s more, city officials haven’t yet explained the solution to access issues the site has for visitors, trash pickups and porta potty pumping.

We know there are other larger sites – the City has shown us them. Our only request is that the next site have as much space – and preferably much more – than our present site.

Time is Running Out! Act today, before we’re given ‘an offer we can’t refuse.’

Please email, write or call the below people. Urge them to listen to us, respect our knowledge of what is needed to successfully stay together and safe, and act accordingly.

Especially, urge the City of Seattle to give us as much or more usable space than Nickelsville
Ballard has now.
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