Maryland's Retail and Restaurant Workers Deserve Fair Scheduling

The Maryland Fair Scheduling Act (HB0349/SB0345) helps rectify injustices frequently visited on retail and restaurant workers. Currently, employers can demand that employees appear on short notice and end shifts prematurely or even cancel them if traffic is slow.

Simply put, retail employees are currently at the beck and call of managers if they wish to keep their job. Moreover, they are sometimes put to the time and expense of commuting without recompense if their shift is abruptly canceled.

The Fair Scheduling Act would permit employees to decline to work shifts that commence within 11 hours of the end of their previous shift. It also guarantees workers a minimum of four hours pay if they report to work for a shift that is canceled.

The Maryland Fair Scheduling Act is a commonsense compromise that stops abusive practices but still affords employers sufficient flexibility when assigning shifts and responding to unforeseen circumstances.

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