Support Mass. Pesticides Reform Bills

Be(e) heard on pesticides!

The Mass. State legislature is considering several bills which would move our Commonwealth away from reliance on toxic biocides (life-killing chemicals) like glyphosate and toward life-honoring solutions for landcare and agriculture. Awareness and support among legislators has grown significantly and new science continues to emerge which validates our movement supporting swift action to protect the health and integrity of our communities, human and non-human alike.

You can use this form to send a quick message to your legislators asking them to support any/all of the below high priority pesticide reform bills introduced in January 2023.

UPDATE (Sept. 2023): As legislators return from their summer recess, we need to remind them that pesticide reform bills should be a priority! Committees are beginning to review which bills to advance, so please reach out to your legislator today.

Create a Pesticide Reform Task Force (S.521/H.783) – A bill to create a “pesticide control modernization and environmental protection task force” was recommended and “ought to pass” last session and is our top priority this session, as it will help address a host of systemic concerns in a holistic manner. Whatever your concerns are re: pesticides, you have a reason to support this bill.

Return local control over pesticides (S.540/H.814) – This bill would return power to communities to protect their families, food and water from harmful pesticide exposure.

Modernize Pesticide Reporting AND protect children from pesticide exposure (S.487/H.825)

UPDATE: This bill was recently reported out favorably to the House Ways and Means Committee!

This combined bill, which was approved by both chambers last year, would create an online portal and database for pesticide use reporting records with clear, online public access to the annual data and it would require that pesticides be proven safe before being used on playgrounds and fields where children learn and play.

Learn more about these and other NOFA/Mass priority bills, here.

Use this form now to contact your state legislators

We set up this Action Network page to make it as easy as possible for people to send a quick email to their legislators. We encourage everyone to take this simple action… and if you want to be “extra,” pick up the phone and/or write a personalized email after you use this form! (look them up, here)

We don’t need to match the agri-chemical or fossil fuel companies dollar for dollar - we can beat their political capital with people power. (Of course, we appreciate your donations to keep us going!).

We are relying on the strength of this grassroots movement for pesticides reduction, so please: share this alert with your fellow earth-loving gardeners, farmers and food activists! (You might want to subscribe to the NOFA/Mass Policy Newsletter to get future alerts directly.)

Thank you, to all of you who have and will continue to help demonstrate to policy makers the sustained power of this community and the promise of the better world we’re growing together.

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