TELL CONGRESS TODAY: Do Not Repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and Do Not Jeopardize Medicaid with Tax Cuts that are Not Paid For!

The assault on people with disabilities and their families is continuing, this time through a tax bill instead of through a health bill. Members of Congress are considering repeal of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) individual mandate in the tax reform legislation. This is one more attempt to repeal the ACA, again without a formidable replacement, and this time without a pay for, but laying the ground for devastating cuts to Medicaid, SSI and other programs that individuals with disabilities rely on.

This new, last minute, major addition to the tax bills will have enormous impact on those with disabilities. In combination with the budget that outlines over $1 trillion in cuts to Medicaid and over $400 billion in cuts to Medicare, the proposed tax cuts and repeal of key provisions of the ACA will increase demand for Medicaid, decrease the funds available for home and community based services and supports, and reduce the amount of revenue available to states to pay support Medicaid.

Repealing this provision would have significant negative effects for people with disabilities, families of children with disabilities, and those who are aging.

  • Repealing the individual mandate will mean 13.8 million people will lose health care coverage (according to an analysis by the Congressional Budget Office); hundreds of thousands of those individuals have disabilities).
  • The repeal of the individual mandate will increase health insurance premiums for those purchasing coverage on the exchange by at least 10% per year for the unforeseeable future (also according to an analysis by the Congressional Budget Office).
  • The repeal of the individual mandate will save approximately $330 billion over ten years that will go toward paying for a cut in corporate taxes and a cut to the tax rate for the most wealthy Americans (according to the CBO).

While the tax bill does not directly cut Medicaid, the actions it takes will have the same or even worse effect on Medicaid and other services and supports for people with disabilities. If the House tax bill were to pass:

  • deductions for medical expenses could not be used to decrease your taxes
  • it would eliminate a $2,400 tax credit businesses could get when hiring someone with a disability
  • it would eliminate a $5,000 tax credit for businesses that make their businesses accessible to people with disabilities
  • it would eliminate the incentive to contribute to non-profit agencies that often provide support for people with disabilities and their families
  • it would remove a tax credit for companies to develop and manufacture orphan drugs

It is clear that this Congress will stop at nothing to dismantle healthcare, Medicaid and other lifeline programs for persons with disabilities. And that means we cannot stop raising our voices to ensure dignity, independence, and economic sufficiency for people with disabilities.

We need everyone, people with disabilities, their family members and professionals to continue to educate and inform all members of Congress about the importance of comprehensive, quality, affordable, non-discriminatory and accessible healthcare for every person. The Medicaid program provides healthcare, but also allows persons with disabilities the opportunity to get an education, go to work or live in the community.

Watch this video to see why it is more important than ever to share your story with Members of Congress:

Please take a few minutes and tell your Senators and Representative to not repeal the ACA and to protect the Medicaid program. Send a letter to your senators and representative TODAY to tell them of the importance of the ACA and Medicaid.

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