Mayor Adams and NYC Council: Put a Stop to Delivery Worker Lockouts and Restore Our Tips!

Join Justice for App Workers in calling on the New York City Council to put a stop to the lockouts and tipping issues affecting NYC food delivery workers!

In November 2023, after a long battle, an NYC judge upheld delivery workers’ path to a minimum wage of $20/hour by 2025. And while we were happy about getting higher wages, we were also extremely concerned. For months, Justice for App Workers members warned the city that if the delivery worker minimum wage rule remained as written, it would lead to lockouts. Unfortunately, we were right.

UberEats and DoorDash are also using dirty tricks to hurt workers. Earlier this year, they changed their systems to prevent customers from tipping workers during checkout, instead moving it to the very end of the order once your food has been delivered, which has decreased our daily pay. As delivery workers, we don’t just live paycheck-to-paycheck. We live DAY TO DAY. And if we’re locked out of our app without warning, or not given the tips that we deserve, we can’t pay our bills. That’s why it is extremely important that we get a raise WITHOUT lockouts.

A well-designed plan doesn’t have to lead to lockouts. When the Taxi & Limousine Commission set a minimum wage for Uber and Lyft drivers, they made the same mistake. But some simple changes ended the lockouts. The city must do the same for delivery workers.

We know New York City’s delivery workers deserve better. That’s why we’re calling on the Mayor and City Hall to fix this NOW.

Please stand with the thousands of NYC delivery workers who are struggling to make ends meet because of the delivery app companies’ tactics. Send a letter to support our fight and let Mayor Adams and City Hall know that we deserve better!

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