Mayor Galvin End the Crisis - Settle a Fair Contract NOW!

The members of the Woburn Teachers Association have been working without a contract for more than 200 days. After dozens of rounds of bargaining with the School Committee, we have not yet reached a tentative agreement.

Educators have put forward proposals on a living wage for our para-educators, small class sizes, more physical education for students, a fair cost of living adjustment for teachers in the face of historic inflation, and other working conditions that have a direct impact on the quality of education we can provide students attending Woburn Public Schools.

Our students deserve and need smaller class sizes with more quality time with their teachers. They deserve and need to be supported by paraprofessionals who are paid more than poverty wages. They deserve and need educators who have time to prepare, plan and collaborate with colleagues.

The School Committee, and especially the Mayor, have not engaged meaningfully in talks around these issues that are crucial in our view. Our contract proposals go well beyond adequate pay to retain and attract the best possible educators for our district.

The WTA is demanding a fair contract that supports the needs of students, treats educators fairly and is in the best interest of our community. Please helps us end this crisis by reaching out to School Committee, City Council, and especially THE MAYOR, and tell them to settle a fair contract with Woburn educators NOW!!!

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