McConnell Rule


Tell your Senators to refuse to move any Supreme Court nomination until after the new Senate is sworn in January next year. Emphasize that “the McConnell rule” requires letting the voters weigh in before any Supreme Court confirmation.

We know Brett Kavanaugh will disrespect and seek to dismantle established precedent if confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice, because he’s already doing that. He’s abusing his authority on the Federal Bench to impose his extremist ideology. He’s committed to throwing out decades of jurisprudence and legislation, abolishing fundamental rights, demolishing our freedom, and throwing our society into chaos. In addition and most troubling: He is facing credible charges of perjury and attempted rape, and his behavior before the Judiciary Committee was belligerent and evasive.

A very brief history: when Antonin Scalia died, the Republican Senate Majority vowed to block the confirmation process of any President Obama nominee. They refused to even hold hearings to restore the U.S. Supreme Court to the nine justices as outlined in the US Constitution. The Republicans kept the ninth seat vacant, asserting that it was improper and wrong to fill the vacancy so close to an election.

GOP Senate Leader Mitch McConnell championed this tactic, now known as “the McConnell Rule.” Now, Leader McConnell implies that only presidential elections matter, but that’s absurd. He knows better.

Insist on consistency. Demand that the Republicans uphold their rule to let voters weigh in on the Supreme Court in November’s election and wait until the next Senate is sworn in before holding hearings or taking any other action to fill the Supreme Court vacancy.