Racist Selina Robinson Must Resign

Premier Eby,

On February 1, 2024 Minister Robinson stated that prior to the settlement of Jewish people in Palestine, Palestine was "a crappy piece of land with nothing on it" and that it "didn't produce an economy". This is a racist, islamophobic and anti-Palestinian worldview. This is a common white settler colonialist trope used to disenfranchise Indigenous people. It denies the existence of Palestinians and their legitimate connection to the land of Palestine.

A member of your cabinet, Selina Robinson, has continually repeated islamophobic stereotypes, vilified Muslims, Arabs and Palestinians. She has spread misinformation by aligning herself with the IDF and right-wing media like Fox News.

She is cheering on a genocide in Gaza.

Here is a folder of some of her tweets, retweets and likes.

I am horrified and outraged that a Minister in your government can engage in such vile behaviour. At a time when British Columbians need to come together and support one another, she has chosen to stroke the flames of hate and quite literally put a target on the backs of so many people of color and students who are on the streets demanding an end to a genocide.

On December 3rd, a car drove into pro-Palestine protesters right outside your office in Victoria. Luckily, no one was hurt.

Premier Eby, I need you to show leadership here that goes beyond announcements and words. Selina Robinson is not fit to be a leader. She has lost the confidence of British Columbians.

She must resign.

Letter Campaign by
Uprooted Olives
Surrey, Canada
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