Tell Your Representatives In Congress That #PrEPSaves

#PrEPSaves lives. #PrEPSaves costs by averting new HIV infections.

Tell Congress to do everything it can to preserve our efforts to End HIV as an Epidemic and fund a National PrEP Program to expand equitable access to this proven and effective HIV prevention medication TODAY. Supporting PrEP is the smart choice that saves and promotes the wellbeing of our communities. NOW is the time to say loud and clear that #PrEPSaves and that cuts to PrEP funding and the Ending HIV as an Epidemic initiative proposed by the U.S. House of Representatives are completely unacceptable.

Over the past year, over 300 national and community-based organizations and thousands of advocates across the country have been calling for a National PrEP Program for un- and under-insured individuals. Scaling up PrEP is in line with the bipartisan goal of ending HIV by 2030, our moral obligation to support the good health of all Americans, and our nation’s financial interests. Appropriate spending on HIV prevention now will lead to enormous savings later; it is common sense and the decent thing to do.

We must call on Congress NOW to protect and expand access to PrEP via federal support for a National PrEP Program - please take a moment to fill in your info and contact your members of Congress TODAY!

Nearly 400,000 new HIV transmissions have occurred in the United States since PrEP was first approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on July 16th, 2012. Over those ten years, Black, Latinx, and queer communities have continued to bear the brunt of this devastating epidemic. It is critical that the nation address this long-standing crisis by creating a National PrEP Program to expand access to PrEP so that it reaches every person in need.

People across the US who are living with, vulnerable to, and affected by HIV are writing to demand that our political leaders do everything within their power to expand our efforts to End HIV as an Epidemic and fund a National PrEP Program now. Please take a moment to tell Congress to fund a National PrEP Program today. #PrEPSaves lives and #PrEPSaves money, so we need to get PrEP to every person who needs it!

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