Netflix: Remove the Antisemitic Blood Libel Film "Farha"

The Jordanian film Farha, by director Darin J. Sallam, in which IDF soldiers are seen murdering a Palestinian family during the War of Independence, will be released on Netflix in December. The film takes place in 1948 in Mandatory Palestine and is about a 14-year-old Palestinian girl whose father locks her in a warehouse because of IDF attacks in the village.

The production claims to be "inspired by true events", however this is a lie.

The design of the character of Farha as a girl whose whole future is ahead of her, and who finds strength hiding from the cruel enemy, echoes the story of Anne Frank. If Farha's equivalent is Anne Frank, then according to the film, IDF soldiers are equivalent to Nazis. And if there is someone for whom this parallel is not clear enough, Salam inserts in the middle of the film the scene in question in which Israeli soldiers capture a family of fleeing Palestinian refugees, abusing them in her friends and in the end they are executed. A father, a mother who has just given birth, and two daughters - all are murdered in cold blood by the soldiers on the orders of their sadistic commander, a few moments after he threatens to open the mother's stomach to check if there is a fetus inside and what its gender is. The baby himself is left to die, after one of the soldiers receives an order to end his life, but "without wasting a bullet". The helpless Farha listens to the cries of the baby who is left lying on the ground in the hot sun. Heartbreaking crying, which lasted about a minute. Then silence. Confirmation of death.

So what is so different about "Farha"? The film presents the IDF soldiers as bloodthirsty monsters who amuse themselves with the death of helpless innocents. In Salem's film the Israelis kill Just. For no reason.  They're doing it for fun.

Such events never occurred. The film is a total lie. It is a dangerous blood libel and incitement against the IDF that will lead to more antisemitism.

Netflix MUST NOT distribute this dangerous inciteful blood libel.

Send a letter to Netflix management demanding to remove the film. It's easy and takes just 30 seconds. Put you name in the box >>> Click START WRITING >>> Click SEND LETTER >>> Done !

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