Niles Crossing Guards Outsourcing

ACTION ALERT! Respect our community crossing guard workers! Niles logo in the background with a heart and an image of a crossing guard in the heart.

***Action Alert***

Recently our dedicated Village of Niles crossing guard workers were abruptly terminated from their positions by the Niles Police Department and Village trustees.

During the July regular Village of Niles Board Meeting we learned that our community crossing guards would be replaced through outsourcing. They have been pillars of safety for our town’s children for decades, ensuring secure commutes to and from school. It is disheartening that they received this news in such a disrespectful way without prior notice or input.

The proposed contract to replace their jobs with private company Andy Frain costs $147,311, a significant increase from the previous $103,000. Shifting the burden to school taxing districts could lead to increased expenses for residents without clear benefits.

Outsourcing & privatization of public services is a neoliberal selling-out of our community. We see the same pattern with the Niles-Maine District Library, Niles Family Fitness Center, garbage collection, now with the crossing guards, and who knows what else because there is little transparency in Niles.

Please take a minute to join this letter-writing campaign to express concerns to the Village of Niles Board of Trustees. Let them know we value our community members who have served us so devotedly. The recent actions to outsource public services does not represent the priorities of our community.

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